The Snack Poster by Fanny

The Snack Poster introduces the real classic Japanese snacks and street food you will find in Japan.

When I think about “snacks,” what first come in my mind is the snacks sealed in a plastic package and you can easily find them in a supermarket. What I didn’t know was that many Japanese snacks were used to be freshly made as street food. I wanted to bring the real Japanese snacks to the western world, and I decided to use design and illustration to educate and lift awareness.

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Color palette

  • #845740
  • #49434C
  • #43362E
  • #9D9C87
  • #4F5049
  • #E36D33
  • #CE4C23
  • #657596
  • #DAD1CA
  • #0B0909

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