#shootyourself by Alexander DiFelice

Social media determines our present social coexistence at all levels and almost 24/7.

We increasingly crave for attention and would do almost anything for the next viral selfie.

Not to be present on at least one social network is nearly a taboo nowadays. Will the free decision to be or not to be an active member be determined by a gigantic group dynamics?

But what about the artist? Is it not absolutely necessary to attract attention at all costs? At least one wants to make it big with his art or has to say something important.

The work #shootyourself carries it to extremes and offers a public suicide as an ultimate guarantor of attention. During an exhibition the viewer can interact with the sculpture. He can take a selfie via Bluetooth and load it up to Instagram.

Materials: ceramics, gun, duct tape, trigger button, metal, wood, acrylics, varnish

Color palette

  • #25232F
  • #5F829F
  • #8A756A
  • #928A8E
  • #609A98
  • #F1EEE9
  • #C2AEA1
  • #C3B8B8
  • #B6A2A4
  • #78666E

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