Shoesy by Carla Sartori

Shoesy is a northern Italian outlet for true sportive people. The aim of the project is create a new logo and website. The colour palette is composed of red, white and dark blue.

The web site has been developed to be an online catalog. Its layout is adaptable to every screen from computer desktop to smartphone. Furthermore, the graphic is a combining of parallax effects and flat design. In fact, the latter has been chosen for its simplicity while parallax effect for giving a movement perception and for lightening the strong impact of flat design.

Color palette

  • #737671
  • #6D3F30
  • #4D5052
  • #DDDAD5
  • #1B4873
  • #B69049
  • #222629
  • #7AA6A8
  • #CB2023
  • #5080A3

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