Seamstress by Juhamatti Vahdersalo

Desperate or hopefull? Romantic or scary? These feelings are huge and in this photo it is mentioned to viewer to decide what is the first feeling he/she see in it. This photo is created with my lovely wife who also helped me to see and create this muc farther than it firstly was. Using sunlight and little help of one hand flash we managed to capture soft warm light to her solder and hard light to open the shadows on her hand and rose. Conflict in contrasts and colors on light makes us question about the meaning and hopefully also makes viewer look a bit longer before deciding which mood to give to this photo.

Color palette

  • #805F38
  • #534A35
  • #3E473B
  • #96A191
  • #5B6452
  • #7F9096
  • #211D15
  • #D0AB83
  • #41595E
  • #A74A0E

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