Rysy – Father by Martyna Iwańska

This is a sleep lab. Touching darkness. Strange and vague space. It is a place where desires and fears come and exist together in an adequate propoer distance. The place where the instinctive images of consciousness overlap each other with a multiple echo, heard even while wide awake. There, the line between the real and the unreal fades, the logic defies comprehension and time does not exist.

The music video for “Father” is a sequence of somber, surreal shots that blur the boundary between the real and the surreal. It is a vision full of symbolic meanings and powerful characters entangled in a plot which escapes plain logic.

Color palette

  • #8c4e4c
  • #7a7c78
  • #37393d
  • #894447
  • #1c2424
  • #a88f83
  • #3c4443
  • #737474
  • #040404
  • #644f4a

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