R_797B by David Sossella

“797B” is the name of a formidable truck used in the quarries. It’s the largest truck in the world and the best one of all the machines to become a robot-home! Probably this is what the family portrayed in this illustration should had thought. Scenes of everyday life are scattered all around the drawing. Where are we? In which time? It’s up to the imagination of the viewer. The illustration is a brief window into another world, free to be entirely imagined and created. In this way the viewer can return to childhood becoming co-creator of a new world, full of amazing adventures.

Artist: David Sossella
Artwork title: R_797B
Dimension: 48x68cm or 18″x28″
Quality: typographic printing (offset), embossed, originally signed and supplied with a guarantee certification
Pantone colors: 294 U; Warm Red U; 7499 U; 298 U; 7711 U
Paper: Fedrigoni Century Cotton Wove Premium White 280gr
Date: November 2014
Shipped in: 48hours
Available from: November 24th
Limited edition of: 100 prints

Available on www.gustorobusto.com

Color palette

  • #4476A6
  • #2B3141
  • #C8675A
  • #9BB6BD
  • #7899A2
  • #EBA595
  • #C28A82
  • #A64243
  • #448C96

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