Psychomachia – Inner Battle by David Sossella

It’s a vectorial artwork designed exclusively for Gusto Robusto.
It represents the inner battle that we use to fight. A Latin cartouche is placed side by side to every single significant element to suggest its symbolic meaning.

The sea of Emotions
Its surface is often moved by a storm. We have no feeling about the presence of the sea bed.

The huge creature
It grows unchecked as long as we have fear in our hearts. It becomes bigger and more powerful. It emerges closer as long as we try to escape it.

Capitan. The real me
You are the effulgent, shine in form which you were created. Anything not genuine undermines your nature..

The corporeal vessel
The vessel is faithful. It drives you to the realm of shape.

The psychic reef
Mermaids bask in all their beauty on the rocks, never stopping to sing their fears

Color palette

  • #C3482E
  • #F5F3F1
  • #C2D0CD
  • #27939D
  • #C0A49A
  • #EBC498
  • #EA8C43
  • #92C9C1
  • #2FCFBC
  • #3A3535

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