Private Property – No trespassing! by Alexander DiFelice

Installation art about the European refugee crisis.

The footprints on the hovering polyethylene ribbons occupy the whole room.

The light and transparent foils are almost non-existent. But yet the work displaces the viewer. It throngs him, overruns him literally. He feels out of place and foreign in his own space. Unfree in his private property.

As a variable part of the installation the room is exemplary for a country and the walls are its borders. The viewer becomes a citizen (owner). The dark footprints stand for asylum and shelter seekers while a single red track runs in the opposite direction. This one stands for those who are unwelcome in the pretended secure host country, be expelled again and have to flee into the unknown once again.

Color palette

  • #F0EFEE
  • #DECEC0
  • #9D583C
  • #D3B49B
  • #C08D60
  • #39373C
  • #6EA1A9
  • #D0C0B9
  • #A5B2BA
  • #B3998C

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