Power of Brands – Minimal logos by Pedro Almeida

Power of Brands – Minimal logos

In this personal project, I am promoting the value of visual comunication and showing that having a logo/brand identity is extremely important if You want to start a business and stand out.
As You will see, by only showcasing the logo’s main colors and unique lines and shapes, You can still recognise wich brand it is.

Visual comunication is the easiest way to comunicate, or at least should be, You have to make it be, and those brands, between many others did a great job, they kept it simple and memorable.

Of course a marketing strategy is also very important to keep Your company up, in fact, as some people say: “Design and marketing should be married” it’s true and I agree, Your business/company will only live if You invest in BOTH.

I had a great time doing this project and I hope You have some fun guessing them all!

Color palette

  • #2B3B32
  • #3FACC3
  • #D6C3AE
  • #C52424
  • #CDDDE3
  • #2244B0
  • #F9D507
  • #AB947E
  • #F38CF9

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