Portrait-Series: #authentic_encounter by Brigitte Dietz

Twitter/Facebook: @dietz8dietz; Instagram: @canvas.artist

By painting, I try to explore the paradox of the human being living alone in community. Whom are we representing and who are we in reality? Already in our personal lives, we have troubles to answer this question in a satisfactory way. As a portrait artist, my task is to discover consistently this difference in every personality. My responsability is to pick it out as a central theme. In order to achieve this, not only the facial expressions, the colours and „moods“ are important, but also the confrontation of every personality with their own contexts.
My aim is to excite the observer to „finish“ the painting by himself, to motivate his imagination to create his personal image in a specific situation. The painting works as a peg on which to hang the personal interpretation of the observer. By this means, the difference between the personality and its self-portrayal appears in a specific suspence.

Color palette

  • #DEAFA3
  • #EECDA6
  • #EDE6DB
  • #368C99
  • #88482A
  • #7F5E54
  • #48A497
  • #82312D
  • #3B2D2A
  • #D47F6D

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