Pikachu by Fernando Azulini

As my first Pokémon, I choose you Pikachu!
This is my first personal project using vRay Fur, to study and understand more this tool and improve some skills. It’s based on Cassio Yoshiyaki‘s concept art that I tried to keep almost everything that I got from his art work. Pikachu always was my favorite Pokémon in my childhood and had to be him, my first Pokémon 3D art work. I made this using Maya, Zbrush, vRay and Photoshop.
I hope you enjoy it.

Color palette

  • #819FDF
  • #677737
  • #8DCCE1
  • #5D4E1B
  • #D3B580
  • #B6442E
  • #376EBD
  • #2E330A
  • #113384
  • #8B5C2A

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