The Pearl Collector – Book cover design by Mark Nunes

The author invites the reader to an investigation of the real world, and events that point to a parallel world wherein the invisible can be penetrated and the future revealed. In search of answers for old doubts, using the details of childhood memories, an adolescence plagued by identity crises, and an adulthood in which there is a turning point. Experience the life of an immigrant in England during the economic crisis in the first decade of this century. It addresses a homoafetivo involvement, revealing a seeming reality that completely changed her outlook on life .

Color palette

  • #E1E4E4
  • #F0D06D
  • #E1DA9F
  • #56676B
  • #54D4DF
  • #8A8B8D
  • #3B7F8D
  • #CAF2F3
  • #98E2E0

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