Paperscape III by Amy Campbell

“Paperscape III”, 2015, acrylic on paper, 128 x 130 cm

Inspired by Matisse’s concept of drawing with scissors, my “Paperscape” paintings explore the ways in which three dimensional layering of paper can be used to transcend traditional painting supports.

The paintings are influenced by topography and aerial landscapes, so whilst they are a painterly exploration of colour and line arrangements, they can also be seen as aerial landscapes or maps to imagined places.

Color palette

  • #BAB0AC
  • #9D876D
  • #DEDBD2
  • #A17F30
  • #26282C
  • #C7CEB4
  • #E5D596
  • #625B51
  • #5A4943
  • #4C5C55

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