My mother trying to be normal by Jennifer Alarza

Acrylic on canvas board. 27×35 cm

A portrait of the artist’s mother. She is a very imaginative person and a doll maker, wich made my childhood full of colors, fabrics and museums of all kinds. She always says she’s not normal at all, that she’s a rebel; and she is, truly. So this is her portrait from her only daughter, as a tribute of her ramblings and eccentricity with a touch of classicism

Color palette

  • #7A3D65
  • #8B4C37
  • #A0837C
  • #97A4AE
  • #AA6A59
  • #AFC0B6
  • #875C88
  • #6B5D86
  • #D07E69
  • #4A302B

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