MDF Skirt (2016) by Eniko Bodi

MDF Skirt (2016)

This project was about exploring the limits of MDF as a material. I’ve tested its durability and flexibility, and experimented with the idea of taking away from the material, but stopped right before the point where it would have been destroyed. I’ve worked through various designs using living hinges and a laser cutting machine, which led me to the path where I was able to create a wearable, flexible – though very fragile – skirt from a single sheet of MDF.

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Color palette

  • #655C64
  • #9E949C
  • #6E6968
  • #AE7C44
  • #2D2725
  • #897870
  • #A19D9B
  • #AC544C
  • #5E4D47
  • #D7B595

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