Love Me To Pieces by SHDWSOFDUST

“Love Me to Pieces.” is a thirty-five millimeter film conceptual project about reflection and the beautifully distorted perspectives we see in ourselves. My work as a whole is a study of light and manipulation. For this series I broke mirrors into small pieces and using the mosaic process, created a much larger, six foot by five foot mirror. I used the mirror to take portraits of my subject’s reflections. The fragmentation, distortion, illumination and mirage like variations are almost infinite, and change with each different subject’s height, face shape, and movements.

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Color palette

  • #2E3135
  • #B3BCC3
  • #ADB2BD
  • #505C61
  • #899198
  • #64636E
  • #D0D0D7
  • #444C4B
  • #646C6B
  • #44434D

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