Lights out by Juhamatti Vahdersalo

Lights out, how to describe that feeling with one photo. We decided to take it farther and insert everyday items and actions to make it more simple to see. Sometimes you know when it is time to stop using stuff your mind is not meant to handle if not your body will put lights out on its own, shuts you down. Starring me and some old lanterns. It describes my vision of passing out, literally. It was made using perspective manipulation and little help of photoshop. Colors are dark and the only light source is the head that can be easily shutted with mind manipulating drugs people use.

Color palette

  • #945125
  • #3E3421
  • #817C84
  • #685539
  • #9E6F3F
  • #838484
  • #0E0F0A
  • #4C444C
  • #CFB59B
  • #4C4C40

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