The Last Hero by Diego Scaglia Rat

“The Last Hero” is a wood poster laser engraved with an exclusive and original design.
It is made of quality solid pinewood which passes through different treatments.
To create it, we first select the wood, carefully cut it, and at last, sanded.
It has hours of graphic design which, at the end, once the image is created, prepared and filtered it goes through the laser engraving process in order to achieve the best result on the wood.
Finally we apply a coat of varnish to protect and long last the poster.
Every poster is totally unique, because the pattern and grain of the wood is never the same.

Color palette

  • #472916
  • #312724
  • #D5C7AD
  • #AF9D84
  • #B7AEAC
  • #A18669
  • #695E58
  • #C7AD83
  • #CCBC74
  • #573C1F

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