Ladybug Journey – Visual 2 – Full 3D by Nicolas Delille – Modern Age Studio

In this image, I tried to approach even more real macrophoto. This time, I decided to put my ladybug on a flower, and to make a nice environment. The real difficult task was in the rendering of the wings and all the shiny and reflexion aspect of this insect. I did about 6 renders that I mixed together to get this light and this composition. An heavy post-production was needed too on Photoshop to add more details on the scene (pollen, light, rainbow, retouching, color correction).

Color palette

  • #3A2126
  • #A4B434
  • #8A7D51
  • #C78F4F
  • #EBE1C1
  • #5E4F3D
  • #A1864E
  • #7C6E7A
  • #D8CB78
  • #21202E

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