Kurama // Japanese Restaurant Branding by Pasquale Laudando


Kurama is a new opening Japanese restaurant in Kuwait City, Kuwait.
The atmosphere is casual and warm, and you will be able to eat some good and modern/classic
Japanese food at a reasonable price.

The client’s request was to have a cartoonish/iconic concept, with bright colors and an appealing design,
along with a characteristic naming, which has been choosed as it recalls the manga Naruto, emblem of japanese comics.
The charachter is a stylized Japanese Fox.

Color palette

  • #281F22
  • #D9542F
  • #5B5D56
  • #CA8051
  • #514043
  • #76544B
  • #939589
  • #5B515C
  • #918995
  • #E3DFE0

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