We’re Abhishek Saxena and Shagun, artists/designers from India and we worked on this project called Kejriwize – a Facebook page consisting of illustrated albums and posts updated across the events during the Delhi assembly elections 2015, campaigning and results.

It’s a low-poly cum WPAP inspired illustration series that we dedicated to Arvind Kejriwal, hence ‘Kejriwize’, prior to the Delhi Elections; actively showcasing a political opinion through art on a social media platform, which rarely happens in our country at this level.

We tried our hand at a trending topic and looks like it gathered really good pace for starters in social media. Hope you like it. Would love a feedback.

Color palette

  • #141A1B
  • #6A68B8
  • #4DE1CC
  • #6C3995
  • #08284D
  • #EB6832
  • #366E6D
  • #5E285F
  • #CBF1E6
  • #DB497C

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