Infographic: A Brief History of Modernist Design

The Years between 1800 – 1900 witnessed artists , writers and designers employing various mediums such as realism and romanticism to create incredible works of art. However, the growing presence of industry, social class and the eventual explosion of WWI saw a new form of artwork rise to prominence. Modernism began as a rejection of the bourgeois and the horrors of war. That is what this infographic about Modernism and modernist design shows.

Color palette

  • #D9D58C
  • #99A5A9
  • #5682AE
  • #F9F9FA
  • #D4BE5C
  • #D25254
  • #E29597
  • #C9D0D4
  • #6FACA0
  • #3F575B

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