Illustration–Happy Moments for Every Couples by katherine

I would like to share our heartwarming illustrations which would interest your readers for the coming Valentine’s Day.

All Little Things has been working on the series of illustration to share the little moments of love, which are the binding agents in a long-lasting relationship. The true love is simple yet intimate that you would give a smile for it. The illustrations remind couples that love is filled up every time, everywhere around them.

Here are some of the illustrations we want to share with your readers

Please look on our social media platforms for latest updates. For the Valentine’s Day, there is a special giveaway with our drawings on Facebook for people who create their own love blessings. Welcome to join us!


Thanks for your attention. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Color palette

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  • #EEBEB8
  • #FBC483
  • #A79899
  • #F9D480
  • #DBE1DC
  • #88B8C8
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