Hestia by Surrealpete

A very complex and detailed collage consisting of over 25 separate images and partial distorts. All blended and layered to create a totally new unique work. Thi image “Hestia” has been printed as a 1st edition (of total 50) onto toughened glass 30x45cm giving it the same depth and clarity as the digital version.
Hestia – The spirit of the hearth fire is often thought of as female and was once widely worshiped as a goddess. In Greek myth she was Hestia. Her name, according to Plato, means ‘the essence of things’; a formless essence symbolized by the flame, which flows through everything that has life. As the domestic hearth is the sacred center of the home, the hearth of the gods is the center of the cosmos. She presided over all hearth and altar fires, and she was worshiped every day with prayers offered to her.

Color palette

  • #21120E
  • #C29E55
  • #5758A5
  • #41643D
  • #2B2F5D
  • #AD374B
  • #5C2618
  • #86613A
  • #5BA16A
  • #C4B0D1

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