On Great Blasket Island Viewing Tiaracht by Helene Brennan

Great Blasket Island is the largest of the Blasket Island Group, off the coast of the Dingle Peninsula, South West Ireland. It’s a beautiful island, now uninhabited. It is renowned not only for its scenic beauty, wildlife and history, but also for the large number of writers it has produced, who wrote about life on the island during the time a community of people lived there.

This is an oil pastel image, 29 x 21 inches.

Color palette

  • #6D7415
  • #88934C
  • #B0903A
  • #698759
  • #1B2338
  • #4C5CB6
  • #2D6263
  • #367DA0
  • #89BA45
  • #3AA4BF

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