The Game of Thongs by Edwin Wong

This is “Game of Thongs” under the Scilo men collection. It was originally designed for a friend’s 37th birthday gift. There are 37 thongs represent his age. It is inspired by his favourite swear phrase “fuck your ass”. Since he likes asses, why not give him one ass per year. Here it is, the game of thongs black top!

Scilo sounds as /psy.lo/ means the little brother in my culture. We believe that the scilo traits: creative, fun, playful, naughty, loving and never mature, are inside every grown-ups. If you use the eyes of your inner child to see the world, it is a totally different amazing world. Remember: growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.

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Color palette

  • #161315
  • #648FC1
  • #B8978F
  • #5372AE
  • #BEC1CB
  • #9197AA
  • #A2836B
  • #CBB7A0
  • #87615A

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