FluoreSAND by wasim zaid habashneh

Using the traditional sand art practiced in Jordan to fill discarded fluorescent tubes with pixelated patterns.
Egotistic Misrule; Inspired by traditional patterns, this work reflects the struggle between individuality and society at large. Under certain circumstances individual pixels can rise above their personal interest and form a collective pattern, while retaining their individuality, movement, and freedom.

We all share the same core beside our external differences, the colored sand in this case resembles our uniqueness yet similarities by using different arrangements of pixels in one tube to create the collective pattern.

FluoreSAND got nominated! – Over 2.800 artists from 97 countries
applied for the BLOOOM Award 2018 (Germany) – FluoreSAND is one of the 175 nominees for the prize.

Color palette

  • #DAC6AC
  • #8F4A29
  • #9D563A
  • #CFBD9B
  • #B49575
  • #7E2C1B
  • #453223
  • #DCB195
  • #725D43
  • #9C6943

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