In the Field | Lichen Series by Jenni Ward

About the Installation:
I create modern, abstract ceramic sculptures inspired by nature. Working in parts, I arrange these pieces into ephemeral compositions in the environment where the piece was inspired from, I think of it as returning my work back into the wild.

This installation from The Lichen Series is inspired by observing the growth of mushrooms, fungus, lichens and algae as they sprout, grow and perish throughout the seasons. In the natural world, these forms thrive and expand in organic patterns following the natural rhythms of dying areas of the forest and as the rains come and go. Conceptually, it explores the dualities of death and regrowth, the power of negative space and the contrast of dark and light.

Color palette

  • #52433E
  • #5D575D
  • #767A61
  • #8F9095
  • #354E2D
  • #BDC2B7
  • #7EA87D
  • #26201B
  • #41373C
  • #51734B

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