Era Of Distinction by Wren Steiner

Once a year thousands of participants from all walks of life dress up in their finest vintage clothing, wax their moustaches (or locks) and dust off their classic motorcycles in an effort to raise money and awareness for mens’ prostate cancer and depression. 2016 marked the fourth year of this event, the Melbourne Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride.

There is something mesmerising about stepping back in time to an era of aristocracy and nobility and leaving behind the aesthetic of modern society. These photographs taken at the most recent charity ride on 25 September, showcase a selection of the ride’s participants. Any one of them could easily be mistaken as a character from a different era, yet all are people that are around us in everyday life – from the tradesman that comes to fix your roof to the IT help support guy at your office you have never met, or the taxi driver that drove you to the airport when you were still half a sleep. When shooting these portraits I found myself wondering which of these people each person was on the other 364 days of the year.

The shared passion for vintage motorcycles and tweed that draw these punters together certainly brings out some of the best in humanity. It is all too often in today’s society that we forget to make time to give to worthy causes or people in need – the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride is a great way to do just that and have fun at the same time!.

Color palette

  • #5F6775
  • #151E2B
  • #906C66
  • #DCDCD7
  • #975E46
  • #C78C6D
  • #B6AEAC
  • #346C84
  • #554046
  • #E6C0AF

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