The End of Eternity by Michal Zak

After decades of relative peace the Western world faces new threats. The number of arms exporting countries is growing rapidly, the spread of nuclear weapons is getting unstoppable, tensions between East and West might lead to a new cold war, frustration, anger and populism is mounting among young people in Europe. Is there any chance that some form of global conflict is still possible? What scenarios could lead to global conflict on the scale of the world war III? Do any still exist?
I made these collages of destroyed capitals as a reminder to us all of how fragile peace can be.

– Michal Zak

Color palette

  • #6E6066
  • #341915
  • #161820
  • #93888D
  • #847567
  • #50433F
  • #B49482
  • #422711
  • #9B9480
  • #855544

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