Digital Disobedience by Bálooie

“Data is the raw material of the 21st century” – Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, Davos, 2018

But to whom does your data belong? You?

This free project shows only a few aspects of government and commercial (mass) surveillance. Partially hidden, partially obvious.

The central character is emblematic of the zeitgeisty behavior to eagerly share personal data in social networks (as I do right at the moment), thus make the data also available to a number of companies, health maintenance organizations and authorities as well as criminals.

The title and the essence are shamelessly adapted from H. D. Thoreau’s essay.

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Color palette

  • #3A97C5
  • #AB4C74
  • #D38C84
  • #F3DBC2
  • #E9EFED
  • #E18BA6
  • #1B536D
  • #CD7059
  • #49C0BE
  • #8FADB3

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