Death on the beach by David Sossela

“Death on the beach” is a vector artwork designed by David Sossella exclusively for Gusto Robusto and printed in limited edition. The main character of this artwork is Death. In this artwork he is represented on the beach during his holidays. The illustration, full of symbolism, can be interpreted in many different ways. The subject seems to be the inevitable destiny of human beings rather their genre, fame, religion, origins … The illustration expresses its illusive nature by the paradox for which there are a lot of characters but only Death is alive. The subject is really serious, almost lugubrious, but it is designed by the artist in contrast with chosen of colors and the figurative technique. The result is a sharp irony and a positive suggestion to fight taboo, exorcise death and finally to live.

Color palette

  • #3ECAC3
  • #8FCCC3
  • #F9C7A0
  • #E1463B
  • #3C3433
  • #22909C
  • #EDA683
  • #F59159
  • #F6F1EC
  • #DAC7C0

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