Critical Mass by Devanga Wanigasinghe

Critical Mass: A site specific wall illustration that explores the impact of chaos theory on the collective consciousness. Medium: insulation tape on wall.

This project was created in response to the idea of community and the collective consciousness of the community and it’s worldviews. Everything is interconnected yet at the same time deviating in multiple and unforeseen directions – a personification of the ebb and flow of individual thought versus collective thought. The site for Critical Mass was a collaborative studio environment where other art works intersected and interacted with each other.

For this particular piece, I wanted to explore the ideas of repetition, structure and autonomy to create an ambiguous minimalist artwork that could be read into more deeply or simply be understood purely on its aesthetic.

Color palette

  • #549478
  • #272826
  • #8D8171
  • #787468
  • #978F7E
  • #6B6051
  • #5F5044
  • #E9E8E9
  • #BFBCB7
  • #DCE4E4

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