Crazy Town by Mirko Càmia

With this illustration Mirko Càmia reaches the meeting point between typography and illustration: using the isometric technique to make buildings become the writing “Crazy Town.” A metaphorical vision of the interior with the form of a delirious urban space, angry but happy. This is because, as the author says: “Logic does not exist, irrationality is life…”.
A very detailed artwork- with more or less hidden references to the ’80s and’ 90s – so full of characters and particulars that can definitely represent the taste of Gusto Robusto.

Artist: Mirko Càmia
Artwork title: Crazy Town
Dimension: 48x68cm or 18″x28″
Quality: typographic printing (offset), embossed, originally signed and supplied with a guarantee certification
Pantone colors: 294 U; Warm Red U; 7499 U; 298 U; 7711 U
Paper: Fedrigoni Century Cotton Wove Premium White 280gr
Date: November 2014
Shipped in: 48hours
Available from: December 7th
Limited edition of: 100 prints

Available on

Color palette

  • #313948
  • #F5F4F4
  • #5080AA
  • #7E9AB8
  • #549ECE
  • #C69A96
  • #B7CEE0
  • #EB735F
  • #BCAEA8
  • #CD423D

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