Clowning Around by S.T.A.R.

Recycled Mixed Media Assemblages
S.T.A.R., acronym for “Star’s Things Altered and Recycled,” is a New York artist best known for unique colorful mixed media assemblages comprised of common everyday objects that have had the good fortune of escaping the landfill. Recycled Assemblage Art is all about navigating in an uncharted world of surprises with inspirations coming from the strangest and most unlikely places.
Please feel free to view more of my
colorful assemblages on my website:

Color palette

  • #293E62
  • #EA9F1B
  • #FADF1A
  • #2164A8
  • #46AFD0
  • #D6CAC8
  • #C41C1A
  • #201514
  • #7D6A61
  • #6C448C

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