Chinese New Year Greetings 2016: A Cheeky Year Ahead by Silver Phang

For the year of the monkey, This Chinese New Year Greeting by DOUBLE is inspired by the iconic Japanese Three Wise Monkey which embodies the proverbial principle of “See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil”. Creating a Lunar New Year reinterpretation of the proverb with comical relief, the greeting card is made both print and digital; sent to all friends and families of DOUBLE, while ushering the Lunar New Year 2016.

Color palette

  • #DCA196
  • #F5AC9B
  • #F86C74
  • #BC887C
  • #EC5955
  • #FBC4BB
  • #F39D8B
  • #F4A098
  • #EE8580
  • #E2746B

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