Why Your Child Needs NightArt by owen

Children get so many presents for their birthday and Christmas. Many people use any excuse to buy another present for the special child in their life. Your house is probably overloaded with all of the things that they have. It is time to buy them something different. NightArt is the perfect gift for your child (or grandchild) for many reasons. Being artistic brings out the creativity in your child. Drawing allows children to use their imagination and creativity. Video games do not.

NightArt will not take up much room in your house. NightArt is the same size as a slim LED television. Except when your child is drawing on it, it can hang on the wall. The bulbs in NightArt will last around seven years if it used constantly. Your NightArt uses 5050 LED strips so that the bright light will last for many years.

One drawing will look completely different when you change the light. There are over 30 different lighting options so you can change the way your Artwork looks. You can also use the option to change the lighting so it constantly looks different.
Or you can change drawings just as easily. Each NightArt screen comes with a special cleaning cloth which allows you to change drawings (or fix mistakes) very easily.

NightArt is a revolutionary new LED art canvas that will be perfect for your child. There is so much potential in one slim television sized board. You can watch your children’s artistic skills and creativity come alive in bright colors that are easily changed. If you support us today, you can be a part of this ground breaking invention

Color palette

  • #5F3DA5
  • #1A5136
  • #BB3355
  • #543934
  • #0D060A
  • #140F32
  • #524C59
  • #5FD9B4
  • #10B248

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