Cerchio by Francesco Sposato

Visually modern, this work appears at the same time conceptually grounded on classical subject. It reminds about philosophical themes: the squaring of the circle; the synthesis of opposites; the antinomical thought; the contrast between formal and natural languages; the relationship between sign and symbol, between rhythm and stillness, between meaning and significance.

Francesco Sposato’s artwork is an interesting example of inclusion phenomenology. It’s needed to be observed in a questioning mood while an unequivocal answer comes. The expressive choice enhances the contrast between black and white, angularity and roundness. It evolves under the eye of the viewer, creating a space and time in which the represented shapes can interact. This scene naturally captures the visual system so the black and white contrast allows to sight a range of variations (clearness, intensity and brilliance) as it was an animated dance of light and shadow.

The concentric rings indicate a street or an access. They suggest the presence of one more dimension. At some point the white circle seems to hit the black background. The frame is a creative limit, simply it contains and becomes part of the dialogue. Conceptually “Cerchio” forces us to think about why a human being can vividly draw an unsolveble problem? Maybe it’s better to move the question on what is necessary to be undertood or explained. At the end every revelation is a second veil.

Color palette

  • #C5C4C5
  • #645C64
  • #646463
  • #B6B1B3
  • #141212
  • #F6F5F6
  • #716C6E
  • #969495
  • #C2BEB2
  • #7D7C7C

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