Cancer by Amr elgbrouni

Cancer can spread from its original site by local spread, lymphatic spread to regional lymph nodes or by blood (haematogenous spread) to distant sites, known as metastasis. When cancer spreads by a haematogenous route, it usually spreads all over the body. However, cancer ‘seeds’ grow in certain selected site only (‘soil’) as hypothesized in the soil and seed hypothesis of cancer metastasis. The symptoms of metastatic cancers depend on the location of the tumor, and can include enlarged lymph nodes (which can be felt or sometimes seen under the skin and are typically hard), enlarged liver or enlarged spleen, which can be felt in the abdomen, pain or fracture of affected bones, and neurological symptoms.

Color palette

  • #D39794
  • #975956
  • #784F4D
  • #4C1512
  • #AC8C8C
  • #74444C
  • #A58284
  • #B4746C
  • #B46C6C
  • #180404

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