Broken Heart – from collection entitled Broken Earth by Moojoo

The attached images are entitled Broken Heart, Broken Body and Broken Soul from the collection Broken Earth.

Broken Heart represents the heart of Earth with colour references to fire and references to the core and the mantle of our planet.

Broken Body is represented by the greens in reference to the green nature and the physical body of the planet upon which we live, we enjoy, and that which sustains us.

Broken Soul is depicted in turquoise blues in reference to the atmospheric elements and beyond.

The seeping gold in all three pieces represents the blood of Earth and the greed of the human kind. Each piece represents the damage and pain the human race is inflicting on the planet.

To raise awareness of sustainable living and a positive change for the planet, I appropriated unwanted mass produced canvases that were generic paintings and created these striking individual pieces to redeem these canvases and give them a new life.

You can see the images here:

Color palette

  • #E58F14
  • #7A4515
  • #8E0F06
  • #D9C248
  • #3D0705
  • #513C11
  • #C2A88A
  • #B19059
  • #AF3B08
  • #C08208

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