Blood Dress Of Fantasy Fashion by Carieo Crenshaw

I love your work and have been following your blog for some time. I would love for you to feature my work on your blog. Called Blood Dress of fantasy fashion. Let me know what you think.
Blood dress of fantasy fashion is about a queen draped in the finest of fabrics, but that was never enough she wanted a dress made from the blood, Sweat and tears of her servants.
I’m a new artists ready to show my work and ability to be creative and Un-afraid of Critique.
Photographer : CarieoCrenshaw
Portfolio: Http://
Tutorial Link below

Color palette

  • #D0B47C
  • #E10D37
  • #A44661
  • #D8C3B1
  • #4C5454
  • #C4A898
  • #370406
  • #BE0529
  • #830C1D
  • #AD816C

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