Autumn Goddess by Martina Semitekolo

I am a freelance conceptual and fine art photographer from Rijeka, Croatia. To me, photography is all about communicating a specific idea or story in the best way possible. Whether I am making a simple portrait or photo shopping a friend into another creature, I always keep in mind that there is always something to say or tell. The one sentence that I think defines myself and my work would be ‘Creatively turning imagination into a photographic reality.’ On this picture, you can see one of my myth series – Autumn Goddess.

Color palette

  • #C1A68C
  • #D7943B
  • #A5785E
  • #A85136
  • #CD713A
  • #92605D
  • #411A23
  • #7D3E32
  • #6C0F10
  • #B18A7C

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