Alchemy of Coffee by SweeTooth Design LLC

Alchemy of Coffee is an illustrated diagram of how 39 different coffee drinks were made by mixing with similar ingredients. They are not limited to the typical coffee like Mocha or Americano, you will find other delicious drinks like Irish coffee, iced Vietnamese coffee, Hong Kong Yuan Yang, Jamaican Coffee, Portugal Galão, Mexican Café de olla, Turkish Coffee, and many more. Alchemy of Coffee will not disappoint you from impressing your friends or your crave for another cup of specialty coffee!

Color palette

  • #B4934E
  • #D9D4D4
  • #3B3530
  • #6C6055
  • #84838C
  • #48434C
  • #0E0B0B
  • #B3504C
  • #868D85
  • #494F47

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