0100-01-01 by Kiandjan

I am Kiandjan, a 27-year-old self-taught graphic designer from Paris, France. I draw my inspiration from music album artworks, optic art, and Mœbius comics. As I select consistent color mixes, I aim to create illusion of motion, space, or temperature. The challenge consists in gathering simple shapes within complicated blendings. I cross shadow and light effects with eclectic shades and patterns. This way, I try to shake things up a little in the realm of optic art. I usually begin my work “away from keyboard”, so I look for the best patterns, mainly feelingly. I also impose some constraints on the way I draw: using grain texture and square format.

Color palette

  • #89A5A6
  • #E73165
  • #F16A6D
  • #4C6F92
  • #7D4A6D
  • #3A5B8C
  • #0F4F7A
  • #F7C078
  • #442F65
  • #142F64

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