An Artist Can Challenge An Engineer With The Impossible

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There was one website today which I’ve seen at least a dozen times in my Facebook and Twitterstream. It’s a new website by Sony USA where they want to inform you about all the different products they’ve created recently. For these kind of companies, consumer engagement is very important, the more a consumer is engaged to a brand, the more willing he or she is to tell others about that brand. But how do you reach all your customers when you offer them so many different products?

A website with information about all your products is a must nowadays. But it shouldn’t be too boring, visitors of your website will never read all your content. So Sony came up with something better, a website which showcases an overview of their products, but not in the normal (boring) informative way.

When you visit you will be presented with a strong, short intro:

We are engineers, but we are also artists.
An artist can challenge an engineer with the impossible.
An engineer can make the impossible possible.
We measure our success with the flutter of a heart or a bead of cold sweat.
After all, it’s not about what we make; it’s about what we make you feel.

And then, your experience starts. You keep scrolling and scrolling and the furthur you go, the more you will discover. They show you some information about phones, speakers, cameras, tvs… The only problem I have with their site is that, even at my smaller 17″ screen the images are quite blurry, if only they improved the quality of them this would be one of the better websites I have seen in a long time. Below some screenshots, go visit the website to experience the whole site yourself!









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