Aromafork & Aromaspoon – Cutlery Design & Packagings

Since 2009, Molécule-R Flavors‘ mission is to democratize the latest cuisine innovations and make them accessible to a larger public. In this post the Aromafork and the Aromaspoon; two patented pieces of cutlery specifically designed to produce an intense and unique tasting and olfactive experience. Because taste buds recognize only the 5 primary tastes, while the nose is capable of distinguishing the subtle flavours of food as aromas reach the back of your palette upon expiration. It is therefore trough a blotting paper inserted in the new cutlery and then soaked with a concentrated liquid aroma allowing the volatile components to be diffuse upon absorption, multiplying the intensity of the perceived flavors and tricking the mind. Play with your senses and change your perception of flavors with Aroma.

Packaging design

  • Creative direction: Michel Valois & Sylvie Racicot
  • Art direction: Michel Valois
  • Design: Michel Valois & Robin Kurtz
  • Infography: Robin Kurtz

Cutlery & kitchenware design

  • Creative direction: Michel Valois & Sylvie Racicot
  • Art direction: Michel Valois & Sylvie Racicot
  • Design: Michel Valois, Amiel Lapalme
  • Modelisation & industrial drawing: Amiel Lapalme


  • Photography: Sylvie Racicot
  • Culinary art: Sylvie Racicot & Michel Valois
  • Photo editing & digital art: Michel Valois & Robin Kurtz



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