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Who Else Wants To Use the Apple’s Highest Rated Apps?

Do you really want to know which iOS apps scored high in terms of UI/UX? Every year Apple selects those apps as winners who turned out to be best in terms of design and development. At Apple’s WWDC event that took place in June this year, we saw 12 winners who excelled. These apps ranged from a basic puzzle game, to a highly sophisticated stock market app, depending on the user interface that they carried and the user experience that they delivered. Let us have a rundown of each one of them.


This is probably the most precise, smooth, and fastest vector graphic design app available on Mac that helps users work on graphics, whether cool conceptual art, UI design, icons design, website design, and even marketing materials design. The technologies that the app uses are Core Graphics, Grand Central Dispatch, and OpenGL, with completely optimized multi-core and 64 bit processors, for a top-notch performance. Whether a simple 100MP image or extremely difficult vector images having thousands of complex curves, you can still handle effects, brushes, viewing angles adjustments, moving objects, and zooming things at 60fps with ease.


Crossy Road is a redefining arcade gaming app created as a remake of an old time classic arcade style game “Frogger”. However, unlike Frogger, here you find millions of characters crossing the road for a reason or purpose. You will be able to help a chicken cross the road, pigeon to find out something across the road, unihorse to eat candy across the road, and lots more. This app has already been No#1 viral smash hit and it will not be surprising to see 80’s arcade games fans appreciating this app with a nostalgic reaction.


Does Not Commute is a new age strategy gaming app that relies on the philosophy of you need to blame only yourself for your deeds. It is fact paced car game set in a small town in 1970s wherein you need to drive your car dealing through traffic with dozens of other vehicles, school buses, sports cars, trucks, buses, and more. Drive safe and reach on time. Know about the latest gossip, and town people, as you take your car from origin to destination while listening to music.


In this simple quiz or trivia gaming app, you are asked questions related to geography, celebrities or famous people, and mathematics. Distinguish what is right and what is wrong. There are two modes to play here: Classic Mode wherein give answers to as many questions as you can in just 1 minute. Rush Mode wherein you have four lives and each time lose one if the answer given is wrong or the time limit passes out.


This is a wonderful calendar utility app that allows users to have customized views of tasks and schedules in a suitable format. It synchronizes very well with other calendar services from Yahoo, Google, and others. The app meant for OS X Yosemite, come with power pack features such as time zone support, reminder support for iCloud, accessible mini window, calendar with yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily viewing, and a wonderful parsing engine.

JUMP-O (iPhone)

It is an amazing arcade style gaming app, in black and white rendition, everything hand drawn with minimalist art as well as details. You play a circle, moving and jumping ahead, to avoid bullets and spikes, in a square world.


It is a highly interactive educational app for all ages, especially children. Spin, drag, prod, or poke around with the alphabets to reveal luminous and astounding transformations. With a simple, organic, responsive, and easy interface design, it acts as an educational tool to expand your vocabulary with different alphabets combinations. Letters come literally alive making it the most enjoyable app to use.


Want to mix multiple tracks together? Pick multiple songs or music, and that’s it! Turn into a DJ with this wonderful music-mixing app allowing users to build brand new playlists with mixed songs and special effects added such as Hi-Lo, Echo, Reverb, ChopChop. Be creative with this app in your events or parties.

ROBINHOOD(iPhone + iWatch)

It is a stock trading based,business-investing app, wherein you buy/sell stocks, place trades with few steps, have a personalized portfolio or watchlist, and see markets in real time. It is meant to both educate and engage the investors. With open crowdsourcing, get access to predictions, advices, and stock tips, from expert investors.


Play this visually appealing, imagination stirring, 3D puzzle gaming app, wherein you have to find familiar objects relevant to the shadows. You can rotate these abstract objects to have a captivating gameplay with relaxing visuals. Choose from among 80 unique puzzles to solve accompanied by beautiful graphical content.


Outplay your opponents in this spectacular multi player online battle arena (MOBA) gaming app. Choose from over 100 animated super hero characters and use lightning fast controls to beat your enemy. Destroy vain crystal of your challenger and claim your glory. Play 3 on 3 team battles to destroy the giant crystal lying in opposite base.


Workflow is a personalized automation utility app that manages over 200 actions to perform related to iCloud Documents, Evernote, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, AirDrop, Safari, Reminders, Camera, Photos, Music, Maps, Calendar, Contacts, and loads more. It automates these apps present on your smart phone. You can even create shortcuts of your own or probably turn a workflow into an app.

Why not head yourself on the path of having your own life-changing app. Still thinking? Be proactive in changing the world in the creative way by solving problems of most users, and ultimately getting recognized by Apple. These apps were just ideas in the beginning. They put their minds to work, and made it feasible to deliver exceptional creativity, coming from great talents. See the result yourself. They are awarded as well as appreciated by Apple, not just because they are great apps. These apps deserved the accolades because they went out of the way, in terms of innovation, to help a specific segment of people.

If you want to be, the next in the list then simply put your ideas on paper, and analyze how unique you can be in differentiating yourself. If you cannot do it yourself, then contact a professional mobile application development company, to let it be a reality.

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