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If you design some personal works, it is always nice to have at least one printed piece for your own usage. I don’t design much myself anymore, I am now more into coding, but I still have a series of stickers and posters in my room which I designed a few years back. Unpacking them is almost as much fun as creating them. The problem I always have is the question where I’m going to print the artworks. There have been several printing companies featured here at DI before, but they all where from the United States. Discount Banner Printing (DBP on Facebook / Twitter) is the first from Europe (they’re from the UK to be exact) here on DI. They offer everything you can expect from a decent printing company: banners, posters, stickers and even sticker labels.

Discount Banner Printing was formed back in 2008. It has since grown rapidly and become one of the UK’s leading providers of printed banners, labels and exhibitionstands. They like to think that their success is due to three key points they firmly believe in: 

  • Quality – Giving you the best quality printed products which are just as good as you expect
  • Price – Giving you quality without breaking the bank. They make sure they’re always price competitive to save you money
  • Service – They aim to look after you and your order every step of the way with first class customer service

Most important for me when I come across a website of a printing company is how to deliver the files, how quickly  I can see what I have to pay and if I can upload my files in the progress or if there are other ways I need to deliver my files. Luckily they have an easy widget which calculates your price for you within seconds. For delivery are several options, and yes it is possible to upload your files directly, so no need to worry about paying and having to wait before you can submit your works. They even go one step further and will be able to do the designing for you. You simply tell them what you want, you can upload extra files to them which need to be used in the design and they will do the rest.


A last thing to look at is the way you can pay them. Imagine going through all the steps, uploading your works, entering your details and only discovering then that they don’t support the way you want to pay them. Looking at the footer of their page, they support the most common ways to pay online. It’s a smart move to place this on every page of the website, even if you’re halfway the process of placing the order you will be able to see if they support your choice of paying.

One neat thing about them compared to others is the fact that they have a gallery with actual printed designs. Take a look at their stickers for example. In a gallery small thumbnails are presented, with one click a lightbox opens and you will see a series of stickers they’ve printed.

 Have any experience with this company? Feel free to share it below in the comments!

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