American Icons Revised with LEGO Bricks

It’s been a few weeks now since Independence day. On the 4th of July, the American people head out and turn night into day with colorful fireworks and celebrations.

One of the things people did to celebrate was to revise some of the most impressive icons in America out of LEGO bricks. The majesty, the symbolism, and the national pride bursts from these creations. As a warning, after seeing these models, you may have an uncontrollable urge to sing the American National anthem…

American Bald Eagle

Out of the many creatures found in America, few are as honorably viewed as the bald eagle.  Alan C has created a beautiful rendition of this magnificent bird.  It appears on a wide range of U.S. currency as well as crests and buildings.  This powerful bird has been forever connected with America.

American Flag

This transparent flag is stirring in how it can capture the light.  Arthur Gugick is a master builder who is often known for his historic recreations.  However, this version of the flag is hauntingly striking.  It is both a symbol of strength and as fragile as stained glass.  It is truly a remarkable piece.

Washington D.C. Mall

There is nothing more American than the place where it is led.  The Washington D.C. Mall contains both monuments and important buildings.  Dude 1 has created four models to represent this iconic site.  You get the Capital Building, Washington Monument, Lincoln Monument, and the White House.

Golden Gate Bridge

Just like the Statue of Liberty on the east coast, the Golden Gate Bridge stands for opportunity on the west coast.  Spanning the San Francisco Bay, the bridge is a symbol of prosperity and the possibility of dreams fulfilled in America.  This model was created by Norman Yeung to celebrate this feat of engineering and symbol of America.

During World War II, one of the key moments that brought America into the battle was Pearl Harbor.  This meant that America was not only sending troops to aid the Allies in the east, but they were also fighting with Japan in the west.  One of the most iconic memorials is outside the walls of Arlington National Cemetery.  It is the Marine Corps. War Memorial.  Soldiers are caught forever in preventing the American flag from falling to the ground.  This chilling site has been reverently revised out of LEGO bricks at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago.

‘Images courtesy of Legoland Discovery Center Chicago’

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