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In this post a series of creative videos for OLX, the largest place for free classified ads worldwide. One of the places it is very popular is India. The company didn’t want to stop there, so it has decided to continue increasing its popularity and, therefore, number of users. OLX India has broken this digital barrier in India because since 2011 it is present in television. With the institutional campaign “Where Buyers Meet Sellers” the website has funny ads that show day-to-day activities which highlight the advantages and simplicity of advertising oneself in the largest free classified ads place worldwide. When you take a look at the site you’ll see that you really can sell anything: Animals, gadgets, classes, real estate, jobs… You name it!. And adding something yourself is as easy as selecting a category, adding the info and wait for the buyers to reply to your ad. Taking a look at the date of the published ads, you’ll see that it is a very active marketplace, as some of the categories receive ads within minutes after each other. Are you more fan of browsing on your mobile phone or tablet? Even that is possible as OLX has created an application for almost every possible device in every app store or market.

In short: Created in Argentina in 2006, OLX is the largest place for free classified ads in India and worldwide. Its aim is to provide a simple, fast, effective and safe solution to the buying and selling of goods and services, regardless of the user’s location. OLX is available in more than 96 countries and in 40 different languages.

In this post I have a selection of the funny ads OLX India uses to extend its reach in India. Included both English and Hindi versions of the video as well as some videos from the Africa channel to show you that the concept of the videos is the same in every country. So if you have something to sell, you can simply go to OLX create an account, ad an ad and you’re ready to go. The same if you’re looking to buy something, simply enter your search and contact the buyer. Check the videos below to get an idea and tell us what you think of these in the comments!

The English Version

The Hindi version

And the Africa versions

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